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Gain a Competitive Edge Over Insurance Agents in Your Area!

2017 Stats: 450,000 Insurance Agents in the U.S.
Recents studies show there are now over 450,000 Insurance agents in the U.S., new agents are expected to top 92,000 in 2018. The competition is fierce for insurance companies and independent agents trying to acquire customer leads. We are experts in Insurance lead capture and can help your Insurance company develop & generate exclusive continual leads sent direct to your email and or smart phone in real time.

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Insurance Industry Leads

Insurance Lead Generation Specialists:
• Auto Insurance
• Business Insurance
• Commercial Insurance
• Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
• Health Insurance
• Homeowners Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Long-term Care Insurance
• Medical Liability Insurance
• Per Paid Legal Insurance
• Workers’ Compensation

U.S. Insurance Companies

Insurance Competition Index by City:
• Los Angeles, CA – Insurance Agents – 2178
• San Diego, CA – Insurance Agents – 2392
• Phoenix, AZ – Insurance Agents – 2380
• New York, NY – Insurance Agents – 2967
• Dallas, TX – Insurance Agents – 2570
• Chicago, IL – Insurance Agents – 2844
• Minneapolis, MN – Insurance Agents – 2617
• Las Vegas, NV – Insurance Agents – 2294
• Atlanta, GA – Insurance Agents – 2631
• Denver, CO – Insurance Agents – 1738
• Orlando, FL – Insurance Agents – 2128

We Turn Insurance Customers into Realtime Leads for Your Business

LeadSite is Your Company’s New 24/7 Lead Generating Sales Person!
How would you like to have your own insurance sales person working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week? A sales person that take no lunch breaks, time off or never calls in sick? How would you like it if you only had to pay your sales person only when they made a sale? Sounds too good to be true, well believe it or not, that is exactly what our LeadSite can do for your Insurance business. We understand Insurance lead generation, that is what we do. Dominating your Insurance industry’s specific market niche and geo location is our number one goal. We continually promote and brand your LeadSite to gain maximum exposure to your targeted customers. We offer 2 unique Insurance Lead Generation Packages, both are highly effective, contain no setup fees or long term contracts and are extremely affordable for small business Insurance owners. Bottom line, we get you in front of customers looking for your Insurance services.

Pay Per Lead Program

Exclusive Insurance Leads $20
We are experts in Insurance lead generation. Our Pay Per Lead program allows us to partner with Insurance companies like yours to provide a unique customer lead capture system designed specifically for your business. We require no up front costs, long term contracts or setup fees all you pay for is the valid leads you receive starting as low as $20 per lead.

Pay Per Lead Features Include:

• We Build, Brand, Promote & Maintain Your LeadSite
• No Risk, You Only Pay for Valid Leads
• Realtime Leads Sent Direct to You
• 100% Dedicated Lead Website
• Your Local Customers Targeted
• No Setup Fees or Contracts
• Exclusive Leads Generated
• $20 Pay Per Lead Program
• Highly Convertible Leads

Lead Generation Packages

Unlimited Insurance Leads $249.95
Our Insurance Lead Generation packages start at only $249.95 monthly and deliver unlimited leads to you. Includes LeadSite ownership option. We require no up front costs, long term contracts or setup fees all you pay for is the monthly package price starting at $249.95 monthly. 50% of all your package fees go directly back into promoting your LeadSite.

Lead Generation Package Features Include:

• We Build, Brand, Promote & Maintain Your LeadSite
• SEO, Internet Marketing included in Package Costs
• Realtime Leads Sent Direct to You
• 100% Dedicated Lead Website
• Your Local Customers Targeted
• LeadSite Ownership Option
• Unlimited Leads Per Month
• Exclusive Leads Generated
• Highly Convertible Leads

Why Pay for the Same Insurance Leads Your Competitor’s Get?

Our Insurance Lead Generation System Guarantees You Receive a Higher ROI!
If you are purchasing your Insurance leads from one of those big lead provider companies, you will find there are 2 huge negative issues that are guaranteed to hurt your company’s bottom line. Number 1, to increase their profits, all big lead providing companies will resell the same lead to multiple Insurance firms in your area. The multiple reselling of a lead greatly decreases your chances of closing the customer lead you just purchased when you have to fight it out with 4 or 5 of your area competitors. Number 2, all big lead providing companies use a generic form to capture their customer Insurance leads. While using a generic form might find possible interested Insurance customers, the major issue here is that the generic form approch does nothing to provide the customer with any information about your company’s services, what’s even worst is that the customer at this point knows absolutely nothing about your company and did not pick your company on its merits to do business with.

Great news, our lead generation system fixes these two issues and guarantees that you will enjoy a higher ROI. We deliver exclusive leads only! We create, market and maintain a LeadSite specific for your company that generates realtime leads for you and only you that are sent directly to your email and or smartphone. We design your LeadSite to target customers in your local area while highlighting your company’s brand, features and services. Customer’s are now making the choice to do business with you!

Testimonial: Insurance Lead Generation Program

“New Local Keyword Search Results Boost Sales!”
”I am amazed at the quick turnaround and excited about the new direction our website has taken. Our new local keyword search results is the key factor to developing new traffic to our website. The calls to action implemented allow us to capture more customers and are the main reason for our boost in sales. I look forward to continued growth in our market and working with Global Media to help us build our online footprint.”
Mike Boutot – A & P Insurance – Worcester, Massachusetts

Case Study: A & P Insurance Company

A & P Insurance Increases Quote Requests 125%
A & P Insurance partnered with Global Media Inc. ( – in March 2012 to renew the design of their corporate website and implement the Lead Generation solution to build their insurance customer base.

When A & P Insurance first contacted us, their corporate website was completely down and non operational due to a virus attack. Their previous web development company was not able to recover the site.
Click Here to Read the Entire Case Study…

Your LeadSite Delivers Continual Insurance Customer Leads

LeadSite Generates Insurance Customer Leads.
A LeadSite is an exclusive realtime lead generation system we develop specifically for your Insurance business to generate targeted exclusive local customers for you and only you. All customer leads are sent direct to your email in realtime. To ensure you receive a continual stream of customer leads, we maintain your LeadSite’s promotion using cutting edge SEO techniques which may including: link building, social media, custom content generation, pay per click, online classified ads and more…
Local Insurance Customers Looking for Your Services.
One of the main goals we look to achieve when developing your LeadSite is that we help you continually produce the highest quality customer leads possible. We only want to deliver customers that are looking to receive quotes for work needed within the specific Insurance services you provide. Our ongoing efforts through internet marketing, social media, classified ads, blog writing seo, link building and PPC help ensures your LeadSite achieves maximum exposure to customers in your target industry and Geo targeted location.
LeadSite Technology Finds Your Target Customers.
Technology plays a huge role now in how customers are finding and deciding which companies they will do business with. We make sure your LeadSite is compatible and can be found by your potential customers especially if they are using a smartphone or any other type of mobile device. Mobile smartphone web traffic has risen as much as 35% since in the last year alone. Mobile traffic represented an average of over 10.5% of total web traffic in 2012, which is an increase in growth of over 34% from the prior years earlier report.
LeadSite Marketing & Promotion Increases Sales.
Internet marketing plays a substantial role in the success of your LeadPage. We are experts in the area of niche marketing and have been in the SEO industry since 1999. As a business owner we are sure you have heard it all before from the snake oil salesmen claiming they can get you on page one of Google. We don’t make such claims, we know that being on page one of Google organically is great, but it is not enough, we are dedicated to grow your LeadSite through quality content, strategic link building, social media and cutting edge authentic SEO methods.
Realtime Leads Sent to Your Email and Smartphone.
Our realtime direct lead notification system is a key feature we intergrated into your LeadSite specifically designed to help you increase your customer lead conversion rates (the percent of customers quotes delivered to total leads). The most important factor in securing an onsite quote is to return contact to a potential customer as soon as possible after they have place a quote request. Even replying back within an hour or two might be too late. We send all customer leads direct to your email and or smartphone in realtime! We take advantage of powerful mobile technology so you will never have to lose another customer lead while your in the field again. powered by Global Media Inc - Realtime Business Leads, ©Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved.